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Clerk of Court

The Gainesville office of InStream, LLC has been helping Clerk's of Court secure their paper and microfilm records while simplifying work flow since 1980.  Our goal is to assess workflow and secure important records through the implementation of scalable and comprehensive solutions that meet government standards.

Scanning Solutions

The documents coming into the Clerk's office are critical to the court system and the general public.  Scanning documents as they come into the Clerk's office lowers operating costs, reduces the risk of loss, increases employee efficiency and gives authorized individuals desktop access throughout the Court system.  InStream, LLC has several scanning and software options that will work for your office.  Read More.

Conversion Services 

The Clerk of Court's office has a wealth of historical information that is not only needed for current cases, but it's ancient files are significant historical documents.  Oftentimes, these records are kept in neglected areas of the courthouse.   These valuable records are subject to a host of environmental factors, such as mold, flood, pests, etc.) leading to the deterioration or destruction of these files.  Micrographics specializes in converting your paper or microfilmed files into searchable, electronic documents.  Read More.



Digital Storage

The Court System is managing more digital evidence than ever.     InStream, LLC is working with Nexsan to bring you an archive storage system – Assureon -  that is ideal for storage optimization, compliance, and the long-term archiving of digital data.  This solution exceeds even the strictest regulatory requirements for data integrity, protection, privacy, security, longevity, and availability with full audit trails. Read More.



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