Scanner Rental

Short term scanning project?  

InStream, LLC has the scanning solution for you.  

Our scanner rental program includes:


  • High-Speed Fujitsu Document Scanners

  • Installation, Configuration and Training Support

  • Scanning Software

  • Shipping and handling both ways

We offer two convenient ways to rent high-speed document scanners:

  1. No Commitment:  rent week-to-week or month-to-month, ideal for projects demanding flexibility.

  2. Multi-Month Commitment:  significant price breaks for anticipated project deadlines.

Current RentScan Rate Sheet

Just Added:

We now offer Context Wide Format Scanner Rentals.  Scan up to 42" wide documents at your location.


Rental Scanners

Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) Scanners


Speed 130 PPM

Capacity 60,000 / day

To maximize your rental investment we strongly recommend ALL paperwork is prepared and ready to go (i.e. all paperclips, staples, and/or folders are removed).  It typically takes 3 people preparing documents to keep this scanner going 8 hours a day.

fi-6670 Series

Speed 90 PPM

Capacity 15,000 / day

fi-7160 Series

Speed 60 PPM

Capacity 4,000 / day

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Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) Scanners with Flatbed Scanners

fi-6770 Series

Speed 90 PPM

Capacity 15,000 / day

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Overhead Scanner


3 Seconds per Page 300dpi

11.5” maximum width

Overhead Scanner

Bundled with ScanSnap V6.0

Will work in Mac or Windows OS environments

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Wide Format Scanner

Context Wide Format Scanner - 42"

  • Thick media : Capable of scanning thick originals up to 15 mm

  • Easy paper feed :Even if the paper is creased or damaged

  • Auto-size :Auto-size document detection of width for super-fast document loading

  • Color recognition : 24 bit color up to 1200 dpi

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