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InStream, LLC offers software that will help you organize and retrieve your data securely and efficiently.


PSIsafe is a complete document management solution, allowing organizations to increase efficiency and security, mitigate compliance risks, save physical space and reduce their carbon footprint — all without fundamental changes to existing workflows and processes.  Cloud or on-premise options available.

Document Management

  • Eliminate filing mistakes, lost and misplaced files

  • Recapture floor space for growth

  • Centralized filing for immediate access

Process Automation

  • Automate business processes electronically

  • Route folders and documents for better efficiency and accountability

Local and Web Access

  • Manage documents and workflows via browser or installed software


Premise Based or Online

  • Store documents on your own server or online in the cloud


Industry Profiles

  • Apply quick and easy predefined structures that match your industry

  • Customize to meet your specific needs



  • Critical tools to help meet compliance

  • Security at the cabinet, folder and document levels



Digitech Systems
PaperVision Capture

PaperVision Capture

Digitech’s PaperVision Capture product will save you time and money.


PaperVision Capture runs any scanner you have at the manufacturers’ full-rated speeds. You can index images on the fly and match them with accurate index information from existing databases and systems.


Unlimited Scalability:

Whether you have a single scan station or a multi-national scanning operation, PaperVision Capture has the ability to expand with you.  no matter what your current needs are or where your business plans take you, it can grow with your changing needs.  Unique server capabilities allow you to scale up in a centralized environment to take advantage of high-performance hardware or to scale out for distributed environments to maximize existing servers.


Automation services make ti easy to scale the system to your needs without adding more people.


Extraordinary Flexibility:

PaperVision Capture is designed to work out-of-the-box.  Easy, intuitive setup gets you up and running in minutes not days.  You can also customize your own system that will execute your ideal capture process. PaperVision Capture includes not only automated routing, but also a point-and-click graphical designer to tailor your scanning and indexing for any process imaginable.  Create your own library of reusable steps, and then copy and paste them to easily build multiple, time-saving workflows.  Power users can utilize the custom code toolkit to maximize control of business process, operator performance and reporting capabilities.


Unparalleled Speed and Efficiency:

Batch Processing is the key to speed.  You can enhance efficiency by grouping documents and processing them simultaneously.  Automatically route batches through your customized processes, saving valuable time.  Plus, your administrators can boost productivity by prioritizing tasks and jobs, viewing the status of batches in real time and eliminating costly bottlenecks by reassigning work on the fly.



Micrographics, Inc. Uses This Product:

Micrographics uses PaperVision Capture in our production facility on a daily basis.  Staff find it intuitive and easy to navigate.  We like the unlimited scanning with no pay-per-click fees.  We offer training both at your location and at ours to enhance your understanding of this product and provide first level tier support to our clients.

PaperVision Enterprise

PaperVision Enterprise

Why Electronic Content Management (ECM) over a Flat File System?


Paper Vision Enterprise delivers any document, anywhere, anytime-including email. Securely organize, store and retrieve information in the blink of an eye. Control and manage information of any kind in an easy-to-use, easy-to-implement Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. Features include:

  1. Security – you can control/restrict access down to the document and control what happens to that document (edit, add, modify, delete) and how it is distributed (email, export, print)

  2. Taxonomy – you can control with enforced fields, drop down lists of pre-approved phrases, standardized date formats, how each document is indexed. 

  3. Revision Control – documents can be ‘checked out’, modified, then ‘checked back in’ with notes attached indicating the reason for the modifications.

  4. Capture – multiple documents can be captured, indexed, and uploaded quickly and efficiently through an ECM solution.  Tools like OCR and Barcodes make records control efficient and enhance the functionality of your existing office equipmen.t

  5. Workflow and Records Retention – pre-set rules and events allow for smart management of your electronic documents. 

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