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University of Florida

Since 1980, the Gainesville office of InStream, LLC has been working with departments all over the University of Florida to digitize their paper, photographic and microfilmed images.   From student files to research data and medical records, InStream, LLC has the expertise and certifications to convert your records into a secure digital system that meets the requirements of regulatory agencies.  We are a State of Florida Certified Vendor.

Scanning Solutions

The documents coming into your department are critical to your students, faculty, research efforts and patient care. Scanning documents as they come into the office lowers operating costs, reduces the risk of loss, increases employee efficiency and gives authorized individuals desktop access to these important documents.  


InStream, LLC has several hardware and software options that will work for your department. We carry Fujitsu, Canon, Epson and Kodak scanners along with wide format scanners for specialized use.  We also offer a scanner rental program,  a comprehensive training program and maintenance plans. Read More.



Digitization Services

University departments, programs and clinics can have paper and microfilm files that can date back several years. Undigitized, these vital records are difficult to find and their content is unsearchable.  Also, file cabinets full of records take up valuable space that could be used for faculty and staff offices.  


InStream, LLC specializes in converting your paper, photograph or microfilmed files into searchable, electronic documents.    Read More.



Digital Storage

Your department is storing more digital information that ever before.  InStream, LLC is working with Nexsan to bring you an archive storage system – Assureon -  that is ideal for storage optimization, compliance, and the long-term archiving of digital data.  This solution exceeds even the strictest regulatory requirements for data integrity, protection, privacy, security, longevity, and availability with full audit trails. Read More.

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