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3 Reasons to Think About Going Paperless

Here are three reasons to consider going paperless with SAFE – an enterprise-class solution that’s suitable for any organization, large or small.

1. It reduces wasted staff time. Retrieving and storing documents in a traditional filing system – on paper or in legacy computer systems – wastes time and resources every day.

In fact, according to The Paperless Project, 15 percent of an average organization’s revenue is spent creating, managing and distributing documents. That’s A LOT of money. A modern electronic document management system, by contrast, allows knowledge workers to instantly find and use documents any time, anywhere, on any device. 2. It’s easy to get started. Getting going with Cabinet SAFE document management software is simple. A unique “cabinet-folder-document” filing structure mimics legacy practices, reducing the learning curve to essentially zero. Pre-built “hooks” allow for Day 1 integration with existing applications, like QuickBooks, Outlook, Word and Adobe Acrobat. Plus, Micrographics only deploys SAFE after an in-depth examination of your current business practices, workflow rules and culture – making sure the software is configured for you … and only you. 3. It’s surprisingly affordable. Many users find that SAFE produces ROI in less than a year, thanks to dramatic increases in efficiency and decreases in lost documents and non-value-add staff time. Contact Micrographics today to go paperless or read more at on our Cabinet SAFE page!

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