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Check Scanning Made Easy & Affordable

Fujitsu and Emmedi 4Cheque Software have partnered to develop an easy to use, affordable check scanning solution. Use your existing Fujitsu scanners* with this software and you will be able to decode your daily check receipts, payment slips, etc. Reduce the clutter on your desk, no need for a stand-alone check scanner.

Furthermore, using the Fujitsu scanner allows you to still scan those supporting documents and identity cards without having to switch hardware!

Already 100,000+ installations of this solution worldwide using Fujitsu's fi-7160 as the scanner.

Contact us now to set up a trial of the software!

*Compatible scanners: fi-6130, fi-6130z, fi-6230z, fi-7160, fik-7260, fi-7180, fi-7280, fi-7300, fi-7140, fi-7240

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