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Business Partner Clear Ballot receives Federal Certification for their complete Voting System, Clear

ClearVote is based on "off the shelf" components paired with modern software to provide voters and the administrators of elections peace of mind at election time.

Fujitsu scanners feature predominantly in the ClearVote solution. With customized maintenance programs developed by Micrographics staff to ensure the hardware is running during mission critical times - i.e. during Elections!

ClearVote comprises of the following components:

  • ClearCount: a high-speed tabulation and real-time reporting system that scans ballots with commercial-off-the-shelf scanners and allows election officials to visualize voter intent on every ballot. It also reduces the human error inherent in ballot handling and therefore increases efficiency in election administration.

  • ClearDesign: a ballot design and layout tool that is intuitive and fast. The user interface allows ballot designers to create, proof and generate ballots quickly with familiar formatting tools including modern text editors. ClearDesign includes modern language and audio handling capabilities to aid jurisdictions of all sizes.

  • ClearCast: the precinct scanner of the future. The commercially available components that comprise ClearCast improve the speed and reliability of precinct voting. ClearCast produces archival quality ballot images in a compact voting machine that reduces the cost and burden of transportation and storage.

  • ClearAccess: an in-person ballot marking system designed to ensure accessibility for all voters. Developed with feedback from voters at the Perkins School for the Blind, ClearAccess captures voters' choices and prints machine-readable ballots that can be scanned and tabulated within the same processing stream as voter-marked ballots. ClearAccess is the first accessible voting solution to use the Anywhere Ballot, developed by the Center for Civic Design with a grant from the EAC.

Read more about this federal certification at the EAC and also Clear Ballot's official press release.

Congratulations to Clear Ballot for this hard won certification.

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