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Storing Body Cam Data is the Next Big Challenge for Law Enforcement

As the adoption of body-worn cameras increases, law enforcement offices all over the United States are facing the challenge of what to do with all that data. To give you an idea of the problem, one 30-minute video takes up approximately 800 MB of storage space.

In Oakland, Calif., the city’s Police Department has 600 body cameras in the field and as a result, the department now captures almost 7 TB of video data per month. When you combine this with other law enforcement video monitoring such as dash cameras and CCTV, the storage demands are greater that most agencies can handle.

Micrographics is working with Nexsan to bring law enforcement an archive storage system – Assureon - that is ideal for storage optimization, regulatory and corporate compliance, and the long-term archiving of unstructured data.

The Nexsan Assureon exceeds even the strictest regulatory requirements for data integrity, protection, privacy, security, longevity, and availability with full audit trails. Additionally, Assureon makes it easy and automatic for organizations to adhere to their internal guidelines for data retention, deletion, privacy, protection and risk mitigation.

The Nexsan Assureon archive storage system stores data for days or decades with unsurpassed integrity and protection in an easy to administer a system that resides on-premise in your control. High availability is built into each replicated Assureon system. Each file is fingerprinted and on separate Assureon archive storage systems that are geographically separated as a best practice. Automatic data integrity auditing uses the fingerprints and duplicate copies to ensure authentic files for days or decades without the need for administrative intervention. Self-healing integrity checks and file availability audits along with digitally signed metadata files and third-party secure time stamps work together for the utmost protection of files within Assureon. Together, this applies a verifiable chain of custody to each data set throughout the retention period. Built to maintain data authenticity with the flexibility to offer private cloud-ready environments if needed.

ABOUT NEXSAN - Nexsan is a global leader in storage, back up and data management solutions that are focused on seamlessly and securely enabling a connected workforce. Its broad solution portfolio empowers enterprises to securely store, protect and manage valuable business data – allowing users to sync, share and access files from any device, anywhere, anytime.

ABOUT MICROGRAPHICS – Since 1980, Micrographics has been simplifying work flow while reducing costs and increasing productivity for law enforcement agencies all over Florida. Our goal is to assess data and video management and workflow environments and to design, implement and support scalable and comprehensive solutions that meet needs of law enforcement, state, county and city governments and private business.

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