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Micrographics, Inc. to Present on Record Digitization and Scanner Software at Florida Clerk of Court

Micrographics, Inc., will be attending the 2017 Winter Florida Clerk of Court and Comptroller’s Conference in Kissimmee, FL. Micrographics will be presenting on centralized scanner management software in the conference’s Solutions Lounge. Also, appointments are being set up with Clerk’s offices interested in document conversion services and data storage.

Micrographics: Scanner Central Software

Date: Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Time: 10:00am

Location: Palms Ballroom A

Audience: Current users of Scanner Central Software (Managers and IT), and those wanting to centrally manage and ‘lock down’ all the Fujitsu scanners in your fleet.

This is a round table discussion. Fujitsu, Pre-Sales Engineers, and Micrographics, Staff as well as SCA users will discuss software updates and best practices. SCA software assists Production Managers and IT personnel to collect performance data and remotely troubleshoot scanners. Even if you are not a user of Scanner Central Software, our team and current users can answer any questions you may have concerning scanner management systems.

“One of the main things we’d like to do at this conference is sit down and talk to representatives from the various Clerk’s Offices about their issues surrounding records management,” said Director of Micrographics, Jim Craig. “Our desktop scanner solutions will help Clerk’s offices not only become more efficient with employee’s time but will also help the office save money. Stored paper files and microfilm records have storage issues such as mold, water damage, and pests that provide additional concerns for Clerks. With moisture being responsible for almost 90% of the damage to Clerk Records in Florida, digitization is key. Micrographics offers complete scanning services which will secure that data indefinitely. Also, as digital videos and files enter the evidentiary environment, secure storage of these large files can be problematic. Micrographics has partnered with Nexsan to provide Clerk’s offices a solution for digital images that preserves immutable files and guards against pixel rot.”

To make an appointment with Jim Craig, please email him at And to learn more about Micrographics, please visit our website at



Since 1986, Micrographics has been working with Florida Clerks to reduce costs and increase staff productivity by implementing comprehensive, scalable, and secure solutions. These solutions include integrated records conversion services, data storage, and workflow design. We also sell Fujitsu scanners and scanner maintenance packages at highly competitive prices and also have a scanner rental program. Micrographics has converted millions of documents and is proudly recognized as one of the most successful companies in the document and information management processing industry. We currently work with a majority of the County Clerks in Florida addressing both current records and antiquity projects. In addition to Clerks, we have performed preservation and antiquity projects in both domestic and British publishing houses, National Geographic, UF Foundation, UM, Cuban Heritage Collection, Menorcan Historical Society, and the Lawrence Lewis Foundation. Micrographics meets or exceeds SOF admin codes, and the Library of Congress scanning specifications.

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