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WannaCry and other Ransomware

Friday 12th May 2017, hackers carried out the biggest cyberattack ever. It reached hundreds of thousands of computers in over 150 countries.

Allegedly stolen from the National Security Agency, malware called WannaCry was emailed and affects Microsoft Windows systems. Once WannaCry enters a PC it locks all the files it finds and demands money to unlock the data.

One of the biggest victims was the British National Health Service, dozens of hospitals were forced to cancel operations and redirect ambulances to other hospitals. The malware also impacted FedEx in the US, as well as banks and train systems.

As of writing this, it is still unclear who was behind these attacks and what their intentions were but you should always open emails from unknown sources with skepticism, especially if it contains an attachment.

American companies paid an estimated $1 billion in ransomware payments in 2016 alone.

Nexsan has put together a comprehensive free whitepaper to help us all learn more about:

  • Background on ransonware and the current state of affairs of these attacks

  • Why anti-malware solutions are not infallible to prevent ransomware

  • Some common-sense preventative measures to practice

  • How to ensure data protection against attacks with a hardened archive solution

Micrographics is a reseller of a solution that would alert your IT department if something untoward is happening on your network and/or to your data. Nexsan specializes in protecting your data and your network 24/7.

Contact us now or (352) 372-6039 for more information and to schedule a webinar.

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