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Fujitsu Names Micrographics as an Elite Partner

Micrographics has been a value added reseller (VAR) for Fujitsu scanners, service, and software since 2000 and has over the years formed a close partnership with Fujitsu. Micrographics has served as a beta testing site for several new products, both scanners and software. This week, Fujitsu announced its 2017-2018 Elite VAR list, and once again Micrographics can be found on that rarefied list. Micrographics distinguishes itself from other resellers in the market with its attention to finding the BEST product for your need. Micrographics staff will not sell you a scanner that is too big or too small, just like for Goldilocks, it will be just right.

If you are in the market for a new scanner, a scanner maintenance renewal, or training on the software you use with your Fujitsu scanners, give us a call - 352-372-6039 or email us at We are here to help.

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