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Preparing for Disaster, Hoping for the Best

Everyone is told to prepare before you need it, but how many of us really do that?

Now we have Hurricane Irma knocking at our door, we need to do what we can quickly and efficiently, and then perhaps after she leaves, we can take the time to review the procedures to reduce anxiety and panic the next time. At Home personal items such as birth, marriage, and death certificates, passports, social security cards, immunization records, insurance policies, wills, contracts, deeds, stocks and bonds need to stored in a water proof, portable container (ziplock bags work well). Medicines and other vital items should also be loaded into water proof containers. An empty dishwasher works well as a safe in times like this, put your ziplock bags of important items in there for additional protection. Organization-wise you need a list of "must do" tasks and key employees who will perform these tasks. Ideally procedures for backing up data are already in place, but what about the process for shutting down all the workstations in the building and the servers? How should your equipment be protected? What about the paper you have sitting on desks, in filing cabinets, in book cases, or on the floor in boxes? Where are your Articles of Incorporation stored? Do you have Key Documents that are mission critical? Can these be backed up in some way? Scanned to "the cloud"? The risks posed by hurricanes is wind and water damage to buildings and records. All records must be OFF the floor. If necessary, cover critical equipment and filing cabinets with tarps for added protection. Does your organization have a continuation plan in place? How will business continue if the physical building is out of commission? Can your organization operate in another location? Do you have a phone chain established for staff so they know what is needed or expected. Remember, things can be replaced. People cannot. If authorities say "STAY AT HOME" do it. Micrographics can help you prepare and also recover. We are here to help. Call now for more information about storing your mission critical records in the cloud. We look forward to talking to you. 352-372-6039 or email

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