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World Paper Free Day

Today is World Paper Free Day 2017. Since November 2010, AIIM has celebrated and promoted World Paper Free Day. It's not about switching all printers off for the day, it's about re-imagining your day with LESS paper. Reconfiguring how you deal with the information you receive on a daily basis, either at home or at the office.

Did you know the average organization spends about $20 in labor to file a SINGLE paper document?

Did you know the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year?

How can you move towards a truly paper free world? Baby steps.

Questions to ask yourself:

1. Do you receive your bank statements electronically? If so, do you still print them out?

2. Do you decline a printed receipt at the restaurant and instead have it emailed/texted to you?

3. Do you complete your Tax Return digitally?

4. Does your favorite magazine / business journal come in digital format?

5. Do you really need to print out your boarding pass / hotel reservation confirmation?

6. Does your office receive invoices electronically? If so, do you still print them out and file them?

Start small, next time you receive a digital invoice from your vendor, SAVE it to your server. Don't print a letter/email out "for your copy", SAVE to a PDF file. Moving forward, reassessing your processes within the home or the office may mean some changes.

Ideally you'll transfer your digital documents to a Content Management solution - either on-premise or in the Cloud.

Micrographics has the expertise to hold your hand as you move through the process of reducing your use of paper. Staff can assess your current processes and offer quick small changes to your workflow to minimize paper consumption. From there bigger and better things can be built internally as time allows and confidence grows.

Contact us for professional help to transform your office into a Paper Free Zone - 352-372-6039 or

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