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5 Reasons to Digitize Your HR Records

#1 Time - Spend It Wisely:

A typical worker spends 51 minutes per day looking for paper records, more than 4 hours a week! What other things could they be doing? Digitization of paper records, and ultimately the storage of digitally born records, reduces the search time down to less than a minute, from the comfort of a desk. No more distracted walks to the filing room to locate the file folder.

#2 Location location location - One location for everything:

Paper documents are often spread out across the organization, sometimes even in multiple physical locations. This just adds to the search time AND the security nightmare. Not to mention the filing time it takes to ensure all pieces of paper for an employee are filed in the CORRECT location. Even if the paper/digital document originates from disparate locations within the organization, a digital solution provides one landing place for all documents to reside.

#3 Security - Who has access and what can they do with that access?

Many people need access to specific pieces of an HR file at different times for different reasons. Government agencies, auditors, lawyers, supervisors, payroll. Sharing the file securely is vital. The ability to share a file with multiple people at ONCE is revolutionary. Reports can be easily generated providing a tracking of exactly who touched what and when and why.

#4 Complete - Is everything there?

No one wants the auditor to be the one to discover you are missing documents from your employees' files. Paper files don't easily allow for confirmation of completeness. Digitized HR records allow for negative searches to locate folders that are missing certain records.

#5 Retention - Keep only what you need for as long as you need it:

Implementing a Retention Schedule Policy on paper records is time consuming and involves a lot of shredding. Digital document management provides notifications via a reporting system; a prompt to address those documents meeting retention. Full accountability of the action remains within the system for auditors to examine.

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